Story Submitted by: Joseph C.

Walking along the boardwalk at Mallory Square, George and Grace find an empty stone bench facing the lapping waves and the horizon where the sun is fast approaching.

            “This will be a perfect spot to see the sunset!” exclaims Grace.     

            “Looks great to me,” affirms George.

            They gaze out over the shimmering ocean, admiring the incredible view.

            “What a day…from those crazy roosters that seem to be everywhere, to those wild parties, especially at Sloppy Joe’s,” declares George.

            “Hey Hon’, look over there, another beautiful wedding. So romantic. Do you remember our special day?” contemplates Grace. 

            “Oh yes,” George sensually replies, “how could I forget your luscious kisses that night in your red lingerie?”

            Grace blushingly smiles. “I’m sure I wasn’t your first kiss.” She leans in and rests her head on George’s shoulder. The orange hues illuminating around the bright red sphere sinks into the stunning blue sea while radiating glorious yellow halos.

            George softly caresses her hand. “You’re right…I’m sorry dear. But it happened a long time ago.” George turns his head toward Grace and stares deeply into her dazzling eyes with the sun’s reflection of brilliant explosion of color. 

            “It was humiliating. I was a very shy first grader and her name was Valarie. She had long curly blond hair.  I thought she had no clue I even existed. However, she would say hi while we were on the playground. Sometimes I would catch her looking at me. So, I pondered how I could show her how much I liked her. I remembered my Mom and Dad would kiss and I knew they liked each other. I thought I would try this same approach on Valarie.”

            “My teacher, Mrs. Wright, told us we were going outside for recess about the time I saw Valarie glance over at me. My plan was to wait for her at the door and give her a quick kiss. She handed a note to Mrs. Wright and intently stared at me. Now I ’m sure she must like me. I went outside into the hallway and stood by the door, peeking to see if she would be out soon. Finally, she came out and I quickly kissed her on the cheek. Valarie abruptly twirled around and slapped me hard. The teacher heard the commotion and ran to us. Profusely crying, Valarie told her what happened. Fortunately, all the kids were out on the playground, but I was still embarrassed. Mrs. Wright asked me why I did what I did and I told her that Valarie liked me because she kept gawking at me before recess. Valarie snapped back, “no I didn’t. I was watching the clock above your head. I had to go to the girls’ room!”

            Chuckling, Grace embraces George and gives him a luscious kiss.  “What a darling story George. Maybe Key West is truly paradise. It seems to bring out the passion in us. Perhaps we should move here.” 


Kiddingly, George replies, “and be called a freshwater Conch?!”

Kiss In Paradise

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