Share Your Small World Story

Life has a way of connecting people in the most unexpected ways and places. Chances are that during your life you’ve had at least one or maybe even a number of “small world experiences.” Perhaps you have: Encountered someone at the most unexpected time and place; met someone while traveling to a different county or culture who touched your soul in an inspirational or kind-hearted way; been talking with a new friend and you realize your paths crossed through a connection long before you ever even knew one another; or fell in love in a surprising place. No matter how big the world seems, these coincidental happenings make you realize that it truly is a small world after all!

Share Your Story

Kind-Hearted World

The world is filled with kind-hearted people who exemplify the power of generosity. Through selfless acts, gratitude and unconditional love and friendship, kind-hearted moments last a lifetime!


Have you met a new friend while visiting another country? Or, ran into an old friend in an unexpected place? Tell us your stories of friendship that have touched your heart and soul.

Cross-Cultural Encounters

Regardless of the language barriers or cultural boundaries that may separate people, these experiences  speak to our hearts in a beautiful, exciting and eye-opening way.

Globally Connected World

Have you ever coincidentally ran into a friend…on the other side of the world? Or, met someone while overseas who knew a friend, colleague or relative from “back home?” Share your serendipitous moments!

Life-Changing Moments

Life-changing moments are magical. It’s often a defining event or experience that made you see the world different, created an opportunity, or led you on a new journey.


Life is full of coincidences, some are minor and others are extraordinary moments. They make us pause in awe of how perfectly things must line up in order to experience what just happened.

Love Stories

Love knows no distance. Perhaps you met your soulmate in the most unexpected place halfway around the world, only to discover you grew up miles apart. Tell us your love stories!

Funny & Crazy

Laughter is nature’s best medicine. Life’s best moments are those funny and crazy times that make you smile every time you think of them. Share stories of these great moments!

Inspirational Stories

Travel inspires. People inspire. Teamwork inspires. Places and events inspire. Inspiring moments are one of life’s greatest gifts. What has inspired you in this small world?

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Excerpt from “Soul of Success”

"After Peace Boat, I felt drawn back to Australia—the first foreign country that I’d lived and worked in after college—to pursue a master’s degree in International Communication. Once again, I learned not to underestimate the power of connections and what I like to call the ‘small world effect’—the amazing way life seems to have for bringing people together again in the most unexpected ways and places—even when doing so seems to defy the odds… Time and again in my travels, I’ve experienced the uncanny serendipity that often seems to dictate the paths of many a traveler. On multiple occasions while visiting one country, by coincidence, I’ve run into an old friend or acquaintance from another country across the globe. For example, early in my career, I moved to London without a job. As I was walking down the street, I ran into my old boss from Australia, whom I hadn’t seen in two years. She had an opening at her new office across the street, and within an hour, I was gainfully employed! I’ve met so many people who have experienced similar stories that it inspired me to launch where people can share the ‘small world’ coincidences and kind-hearted gestures they’ve experienced first-hand.”

- Excerpts from Brenda McGuire’s own story in "Soul of Success"