I moved to London, early in my career, without the promise of a job, yet my drive and determination helped me make the plunge. I’d only been there for a short time when I was walking down the street near Piccadilly Circus and coincidentally ran into my old boss from Australia, whom I hadn’t seen in two years. Delighted to see each other, we started talking and I discovered that she had a new office in London—just across the street— and she had an opening. Within the hour I was gainfully employed and was struck by small world coincidence that had brought such a fortuitous blessing into my life.

It was surreal to all of sudden be working not only for my old boss and company, a recruitment firm, but to also be working with some of my old colleagues from Australia! What were the chances that on my first day of job-hunting in a foreign country, I would run into her and be offered a job on the spot?! I will never forget my roommates’ expressions when I told them what happened and that I already had a job in such a short amount of time. That experience brings to mind the saying, “Be careful, we’re living in a small world.” You really never know when you might run into someone—even your old boss on the other side of the world.


Running into My Old Boss… On the Other Side of the World

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