The time period I spent in China was one of the worst in US-Iranian diplomatic relations. Just a week before I arrived at my international student dorm, several news stories were out about escalation between the two countries. So when I met another student from Iran, I was nervous about how she would perceive me and my country. It only took about two minutes to realize that she was wondering the same thing.
Just a month later, we had rented a shared apartment and were inseparable. We both loved exploring new cities, trying out any new place or experience, and of course, flash mob dancing in our favorite noodle place. It was a common occurrence whenever we hopped into a cab or met someone new to hear the comment, “Don’t you realize your countries are at war?” To which we would laugh and joke “Oh shoot, it’s been fun but guess our friendship stops here!”
I never thought I would meet someone so similar to myself halfway around the world. I had never before and not since had a relationship that sprung up so organically. We might not be able to get visas to visit each other’s homes yet – but we will be friends for life!
My Persian Twin

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