“After Peace Boat, I felt drawn back to Australia—the first foreign country that I’d lived

and worked in after college—to pursue a master’s degree in International

Communication. Once again, I learned not to underestimate the power of connections

and what I like to call the ‘small world effect’—the amazing way life seems to have for

bringing people together again in the most unexpected ways and places—even when

doing so seems to defy the odds…

Time and again in my travels, I’ve experienced the uncanny serendipity that often seems

to dictate the paths of many a traveler. On multiple occasions while visiting one country,

by coincidence, I’ve run into an old friend or acquaintance from another country across

the globe. For example, early in my career, I moved to London without a job. As I was

walking down the street, I ran into my old boss from Australia, whom I hadn’t seen in two

years. She had an opening at her new office across the street, and within an hour, I was

gainfully employed!

I’ve met so many people who have experienced similar stories that it inspired me to

launch www.smallworldstories.com where people can share the ‘small world’

coincidences and kind-hearted gestures they’ve experienced first-hand.”

Small World, Big Connections

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