On a whirlwind tour of Europe, my friend and I met a couple of guys from South Africa. For some reason, we would cross paths with them in a few different countries, including Monaco, over the next few months. A year later, I was at the Running of the Bulls (San Fermin Festival) in Pamplona, Spain, and coincidentally my paths would cross with them once again—but in an unexpected way. At the beginning of the festival there is a tradition of throwing food at each other and before I knew it my face was covered in flour! Two guys ran up to me and turned out to be my old friends from South Africa! They started laughing when they told me that, “I knew I knew those lips from somewhere!” Even though my face was covered with flour, they remembered my signature bright pink lipstick, which I always wore, and were able to recognize me by my lips!

I Knew I Knew Those Lips from Somewhere

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