Before I moved to Japan, I worked at a community college in Iowa as a Japanese Student Advisor for an exchange group of Japanese college students from Tokyo. We took a weekend trip to Chicago and I showed them many of the tourist sites. After moving to Japan, I was training for a corporation in Osaka when one of my students approached me and handed me a magazine saying, “Teacher, isn’t that you in the picture?” I stood there frozen as I saw a picture of my Japanese exchange students and I taken in Chicago. It was unbelievable—it was in a Japanese magazine called “Egg.” There it was—a full page ad, with me in it, advertising their college in Tokyo! I never dreamed I’d be in a Japanese magazine for teens called “Egg!” I guess you never know where your photos might end up! Of course, if my student hadn’t brought it to my attention, I probably never would‘ve known my photo was in an ad in “Egg.”

Be Careful Where Your Photos Show Up in this Small World!

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